Edgeless Ultra Plush Blue Microfiber Towel

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Edgeless Ultra Plush Blue Microfiber, 400+Gsm Ultra Plush edgeless.

It is our most advanced and heavy microfiber cloth. It is made up of a special Polyester and polyamide fabric. Its ultra-soft and distinctive design makes the Ultra Plush cloth an ideal tool for the removal and shine of waxes, sealants, and polishes as well as the removal of dirt, grease, and car wash. The Ultra-Premium quality of our microfiber cloth and fabric structure allows it to be used in the paint of vehicles without causing any damage or scratches. It can be used dry or wet. It has the capacity to absorb up to 10 times its weight in water.

  • Color Blue.
  • 75/25 blend of polyester and polyamide.
  • Size 16” X 24” in.
  • Ultra-soft and heavy microfiber plush.
  • Edgeless design.
  • Lond lasting soft microfiber edge, and double-sided construction.