Pneumatic orbital sander 115x225mm/4.5x8.75" backing pad w/ clips, central vac, 3mm orbit

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Pneumatic orbital sander 115X225mm, designed for smoothing and levelling surfaces
High degree of abrasive performance thanks to an optimal combination of speed, base pad size and orbit diameter
Speed regulation valve
Excellent finish thanks to 3 mm orbit

Pneumatic orbital sander 115X225mm applications

  • Ideal for trimming in finishing work
  • Ideal for industrial chasses and boat building
  • Excellent for grinding fillers and finishing substrates


Size rectangular pad (mm) 225×115
Velcro plate
Abrasive paper clips
Speed control
Max consumption air (l/min) 380
Weight (kg) 2,400
R.P.M. 3500 – 9500
Working pressure (bar) 6
Ø orbit (mm) 3

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