SONAX Prem Class Leather Care Cream 6pk/250ml.

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SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream is used to restore the natural look and pliability of your leather surfaces. Formulated with active ingredients that nourish, SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream will maintain the permeability and life of your leather. SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream will protect against harsh UV rays and will form a barrier against dirt, water, and other elements that may harm your leather - leaving you with a smooth and grease-free surface.

Cleaning and maintaining your car's leather is serious work. There's nothing quite like a well-detailed and maintained leather interior - but it doesn't always come natural. If you buy a pre-owned car with interior seats, chances are that first owner didn't take great care of it and now you have to try and bring it back to life. SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream will help you get there.

This unique formula contains a whole slew of leather-beneficial ingredients. UV filters to block the harsh sunlight and prevent discoloration, anti-creaking additives to ensure comfortable seating without that slippery feeling, and perhaps most importantly, antioxidants that will actually stop your leather from aging.

SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream has hydrophobic properties that prevent water and other spills from soaking in and staining, and forms a protective barrier against any future assaults.

The best way to maintain leather is to get a good detailing regimen going when your leather is brand new. That way, it doesn't even have the opportunity to crack or discolor. Use SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream to stop that aging process in its tracks and keep that naturally beautiful surface conditioned and protected.

After cleaning the surface with SONAX Premium Class Leather Cleaner, use a microfiber applicator pad to spread SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream over the surface. Massage in a thin, even layer and allow to dry. Just like that your leather is cleaned and protected!

250 ml. (8.5 oz)

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