3M™ Ultrapro™ 08361 1-Part Economical Seam Sealer, 10.5 oz Flex-Pack, Paste, Gray, 30 min Curing

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Our 3M™ urethane seam sealer is a high solids seam sealer ideal for sealing automotive and RV seams and joints. It adheres well to bare metal, primed metal and painted surfaces and if desired can be smoothed to a featheredge and/or brushed. Tack-free and paintable after 30 to 45 min, this urethane formula is permanently flexible and offers superior performance to solvent-based sealers. 3M™ urethane seam sealer is an excellent choice when sealing interior or exterior seams to help prevent the intrusion of water, dust and air, aiding in providing corrosion-resistance at these locations. Choose this seam sealer for high quality sealing of seams and joints on primed metal or painted surfaces and even on bare metal. It applies easily and is formulated for long-lasting support to the seam without shrinking, cracking or causing unpleasant odors. With its thick consistency, our 3M™ urethane seam sealer is an excellent gap sealer and you can feel confident using this sealer to fill large voids between parts where they occur. Designed to be used over epoxy or urethane based primers, the sealer comes in several colors to enable color matching.

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