Extra Cut Compound, 1000ml/33.8oz

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UPES XC-2 XTRA Cut Compound is for rapid removal of defects and creates a low-swirl, high gloss finish. This new compound is specially formulated for a rapid removal of defects from gel coat and other high-solid industrial finishes, countertops, hard paint, and in the aviation industry. It can be used as a first step after the sanding process or to remove oxidation and other contaminants.

XC-2 XTRA CUT COMPOUND is universally compatible with all machine movement types, including dual action, forced rotation, and rotary polishers.

Pair it with RUPES D-A Pads, such as D-A COARSE WOOL POLISHING PADS for sanding marks on hard paint. It also can be used on old and oxidated gelcoat with a D-A COARSE MICROFIBER EXTREME CUT PAD.

Pair it with RUPES Rotary Pads, such as TWISTED WOOL POLISHING PAD to remove much more material without considering finish or CUT & FINISH WOOL POLISHING PAD for a rapid defect removal and a superior finish.

  • Faster defects removal
  • Improved finish and optimized clarity
  • Superior performance on solid surfaces
  • Better emulsion for easy wipe-off
  • Better customer experience
  • Water based compound
  • New fragrance
  • White color


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