Graphene Ceramic Coating

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Symplex® Graphene Ceramic High Solid Coating 10H

 Industrial-Grade Graphene-Oxide molecules are grafted onto the Polysilazane Ceramic Backbone to create a rock-hard barrier of protection.

 Graphene is one of the strongest materials known to man. It looks like a honeycomb sheet, thick with carbon atoms. The Ceramic molecule bonds with the car and the Graphene portion of the molecule is on top, creating a water-beading power that will reveal an ultra-slick super glossy surface.

Key Features

  • Our higher stain resistance products against bugs, saps, droppings, etc.
  • Super Hydrophobic anti-static self-cleaning properties
  • Better scratch resistance than any Ceramic Coating
  • Easier to apply versus other Ceramic Coatings
  • Ultimate D.O.I (Distinction of Image) depth and clarity to all surfaces
  • Super high contact angles 110-118°
  • Can be used on all Painted Surfaces, Glass, Headlights, Chrome, Trim, and Wheels.