L3 Leather Treatment

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Symplex® L3 Leather Treatment, Professional water-based Formula, Cleans, Protects & Conditioner treated leather surfaces.

Special Oils, Beeswax and T1 Carnauba moisturize so it remains rich and supple without adding gloss or artificial slickness. Symplex® L3 Leather treatment will preserve new leather and rejuvenate older leather that has become stiff. The Beeswax and oils act as a natural moisturizer and the Pure Brazilian T1 Carnauba will provide a durable natural wax finish that resists water and dirt.

  • Prevent creases on new leather while maintaining its flexibility.
  • Long-lasting protection with UV inhibitors to prevent drying and fading.
  • Water-based neutral PH formula
  • Shield your leather from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Not intended to be used on napped leather like suede