Piranha X1 Hyper Cut Compound

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Symplex® Piranha X1, Hyper Cut Ultra Leveling “Real One Step Compound”  


Provides a fast and effective elimination of 1200 grit scratches. Piranha X1 is formulated specifically for the new ceramic and scratch-resistant clear coats. Symplex® developed a new family of cutting-edge technology abrasives for removing medium to moderate color sanding scratches and car wash marks while finishing like a glaze.

  • Key Features:

    • Effective elimination of 1200 grit scratches.
    • Ultra-Gloss swirl-free finish
    • No white residue on plastic trims
    • Virtually no dust.
    • No Silicone - No Filler
    • Longest buffing time than conventional compound
    • Water-Based
    • Body Shop Safe 

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