Solofix Power Deodorizer M/P Cleaner Gallon

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Symplex® Concentrate Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser.

Powerful and concentrate cleaner and deodorizer for all types of surfaces. Superior surfactant action gently lifts the dirt away from any surface like carpets, hard floors, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery, vinyl, plastic, and even leather. Quickly penetrates to remove pollutants, oils, stains, mineral deposits, film, and stubborn dirt.

Safe on most wettable surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Dark-colored liquid. PH 12 - 13.
  • Fresh green Tea-Mandarin pleasant scent.
  • Boost the cleaning effectiveness of laundry detergents.
  • Does not Contains Butyl or phosphate.
  • Biodegradable formula. 
We recommended diluting the product as follows:
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning, diluted 1 part Symplex® All Purpose Cleaner to 1 parts water, 1/1
  • General Purpose, one of Symplex® Multi-Purpose Cleaner to 10 parts water, 1/10.
  • Light Cleaning, one of Symplex® Multi-Purpose Cleaners to 20 parts water, 1/20
  • Laundry – Non-HE /Top Loaders Only add ¼ cup of full-strength along with your detergent.

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