161-0002-100 KIT SILEX CERAMIC COATING 9H 100 ML 100 ml 500-0001-UN

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Symplex® Silex 9H, Ceramic Clear Coat Quartz Protection 9H.


Specifically engineered for the professional detailer. This unique ultra-concentrated Sio2 formula will leave a Mirror-Like clear coat with extreme 9H hardness and water-repellency. Quartz treatment Contains the latest SiO2 Technology. Relentless water beading and a self-cleaning effect will keep your car protected and ultra-shines bright in between washes.

Silex 9H goes extremely well on your PPF offering an extra layer of protection to avoid stubborn contaminants. It will also make your PPF easier to clean! Adding Silex 9H Ceramic Coating to your PPF does more than keep it protected. It also adds a gorgeous glossy glow to your ride. PPF cannot achieve this unique look alone. 

  • A nanocrystalline coating that protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays.
  • Easy to apply and remove with a longer time-window application than competitors.
  • Silex 9H forms an extremely glossy shell of protection to the surface of your vehicle.
  • Extremely resistant to alkaline cleaners and degreasers, offering maximum paint protection

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