66431 AIRCOLOR Stonechip black - 500ml

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AIRCOLOR STONECHIP PROTECTOR is an elastic, noise-reducing and anti-corrosive product. It protects the vehicles bodies, metal and paint from impact by using its elasticity to absorb the shock and protects from impacting debris. For this reason, it is recommended for treating all the underside parts of the body, plus door-bottoms, wheel-arches, etc. Its soundproofing properties make its use advisable inside the bonnet and boot, since it effectively reduces vibration.Once dry, the excellent texture allows it to be painted with bodywork basecoat paints, achieving a perfect gloss level. IPHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Nature: lastomers and synthetic resins Color: Black, Light grey Especific weight: 1,1 kg/l a 20ºC VOC: 485 g/l Application 2004/42/EC - IIB (e)(840)   SUITABLE SURFACES:   fTDS