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When you are looking for a premium quality auto body paint gun, your search ends at the DeVilbiss StartingLine Mini Detail Spray Gun. Economically priced, this mini paint gun has a 1.0mm fluid tip that can be used to spray a host of materials. It makes spot repair jobs easy and can be used to spray a variety of coatings.

The StartingLine detail and touch-up gun utilizes HVLP or high volume low pressure technology for achieving greater delivery rate and better efficiency. It performs consistently from the beginning and gives a product of fine quality. Equipped with 8.5 oz ME and a mini size HVLP gravity feed, it functions well enough to result in smooth finishes.

The StartingLine mini paint sprayer comes with a maintenance wrench and cleaning brush. With an inlet pressure of 30 PSI, it delivers 10 PSI at the air cap. The paint gun consumes 8 CFM air under standard settings and reduces any chances of ambiguous patterns while spraying. The accompanying brush makes cleaning simple and quick after use.

This automotive spray gun is an affordable and well-functioning gun designed to give good value for your money. It provides precise control and incorporates sensitive fan control inside a full-size gun. Comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.