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Mirka Galaxy 2.75" x 33.5' Multifit Perforated Grip Vacuum Sanding Rolls (FY-570 Series) feature the sharpest ceramic grains and toughest film backing, abrasive technology that is out of this world! Mirka Galaxy allows for a winning combination of long life, fast cut and easy polishing out of finer grits.

Mirka Galaxy 2.75" wide x 33.5' long rolls are perforated every 2.75" and will fit on 2.75" wide by 5", 8" and 16" long sanders and hand blocks; simply tear along the perforation to fit desired tools.

At its core, Mirka Galaxy is a multi-purpose product, suitable for the sanding of both soft and hard materials and various substrates. Galaxy features superb edge wear durability, excellent clogging resistance, dust repellent stearate coating and optimal dust extraction in Multifit vacuum patterns. Mirka Galaxy is perfectly suited for the automotive and vehicle manufacturing, collision repair, marine production and repair and wood industries.

The blue ceramic grains of the Galaxy are engineered to self-sharpen and not dull, as once the edge of the abrasive grain breaks off it simply forms new edges, making it possible for the Galaxy to continue cutting. The polyester film backing offers a tough durable base that won't crack or fall apart under even the toughest sanding conditions.

The Mirka Multifit multi-hole vacuum pattern offers excellent dust extraction when used in conjunction with a vacuum system and offer up to 10% more stock removal than traditional hole patterns.

Sold 1 roll per box.

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