Micro SHR Super Hologram & Swirls Remover

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Symplex® Micro SHR Super Hologram & Swirls Remover


This professional formula will exceed your expectations. It combines Symplex’s innovative diminishing micro-abrasives and water-based lubricants to eliminate micro-swirls gradually as the formula emollients round over the hard edges of swirls and holograms leaving a flawless ultra-gloss surface with extremely “Distinction of Image” (D.O.I)  

   Key Features:

  • Diminishing Symplex® micro-abrasive technology with just enough cut to remove swirl marks and holograms.
  • Improves depth and clarity and prepares your vehicle for the application of our Symplex® paint protection products.
  • Rich in oils and lubricants to add significant amounts of gloss and color depth
  • Body Shop Safe.