P2 Synthetic Ultra Paint Protector Sealer

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Symplex® P2 Synthetic Ultra Paint Protector Sealer


Synthetic sealant with Symplex® Cross-Linking technology to add outstanding gloss and paint protection. Resins and polymers offer months of protection and a depth of shine with relentless water beading in an easy-to-apply, liquid paint sealant. Our exclusive formula will shield your vehicle’s paint from environmental pollution, hard water, acid rain, salt, and UV rays. The glossy, shiny finish lasts for several months through numerous washes with a non-alkaline car wash.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic Amino Functional Resins offer cross-linking capabilities
  • Leave both a strong layer of protection and an intense shine
  • It can be applied in multiple coats safely.
  • Resists detergents, pollution, hard water spotting, road salts, insect remains, bird droppings, and acid rain. 
  • Does not stain the plastic exterior parts.