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There's no such thing as perfection, is there? We tend to agree with you on that one.

However, as finishing polishes go, this one comes as close as can be.

We've been testing Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish for years, and we've arrived at a simple conclusion; this stuff is purely excellent, and it's revered by some of the biggest names in paint polishing. Why is it excellent?

Perfect Finish is one of the most versatile abrasives we've worked with. Paired with an aggressive pad at higher polisher speed settings, it has a modest cutting ability; paired with a soft foam pad and on even the softest of clear coats, it finishes out with aplomb. This is the bottle we grab when we have a paint system that doesn't want to cooperate with other polishing liquids, or if we need to accomplish a single-step polish without fuss. It's robust enough to remove sanding abrasions of 2000 grit or finer.

We recommend utilizing Perfect Finish as it was intended, with a less-aggressive foam or microfiber finishing pad on modest polisher speed settings. However, you can use this to cut moderate defects on softer clear coat formulations. It can be utilized with rotary or orbital movements with equal ease and success.

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