Silex Reactive OPSZ Ceramic Infused Surface Sealant

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Symplex® Silex Reactive OPSZ Silazane Ceramic Infused Surface Sealant


The professional surface treatment will impart a hydrophobic glossy protecting coating layer that outperforms any conventional paint wax sealant. Infused with Organic Polysilazane polymers. 

If you are looking for the best protection that surpasses conventional waxes and sealants but without the complications and prices of 9H coating. Silex Reactive surface sealant is located above any conventional wax or sealant and below the ceramic coatings. Perfect for use as a stand-alone for outstanding gloss and protection or as maintenance of our Silex Ceramic Coatings 7H Plus, 9H & 10H.


  • Ceramic Infused Sealant SiO2-based protection
  • Ultimate protection self-cleaning, water beading, and a slick surface
  • True ceramic ingredients to deliver a hard, glossy finished
  • Symplex® Cross-Link technology

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