Silex Shield 10H Ceramic Coating Ultra - 100ml

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Symplex® Silex Shield 10H Ceramic Coating 


Silex® Shield 10H, Ultra Durable Ceramic Coating, Our latest most concentrated Sio2 formula. The Shield 10H contains over 70% Ceramic Resins. Specifically engineered for the professional detailer. This unique ultra concentrated Si02 formula will leave a thick durable Mirror-Like clear coat with extreme 10H hardness and superb Hydrophobic, Detergency and acid resistant. Symplex® Shield 10H ceramic protection Contains the latest SiO2 Technology.

Silex Shield® 10H is resistant to most detergents and acids. Protects against paint damage and sun fade.

 Key Features:

  • Over 70% Ceramic Resins
  • Super Hydrophobic 100+ water angle contact
  • Superb detergency and acid resistance
  • Ultra thick durable mirror-like