The Beast Wheel Cleaner 6pk/750 ml.

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SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is a quick color changing formula to combat contaminated wheels. SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner makes cleaning wheels faster and easier. The larger one-liter bottle allows for SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner to have even more cleaning power. Plus, SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is acid free, making it safe for you and for a variety of wheel surfaces.

Dirty wheels stink! There is nothing worse than having a nice, shiny, like-new car, but then look down to see dirty wheels. Not only do dirty wheels stink, but how do you know if you are actually cleaning the wheels? If only there was product that not only cleaned, but changed colors as it did to so, to show the cleaning action - Oh, there is! It's SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner.

When your wheels are contaminated with dirt, grime, and road film, you want a product that works. Better yet, you want to see that a product is working. With SONAX The Beast Wheel Cleaner, you will literally see the contaminants be swept away. The color changing formula will turn red as it combats contaminants. So, when it rains red, know that it's doing its job.

SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is acid free and safe for the user and your surfaces. Plus, it doesn't utilize harsh detergents in its formulation. SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus Use this wheel cleaner on all steel and light-alloy wheel rims, as well as, painted, chrome, metal plated, polished and matte rims. SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner does not attack the rim surfaces or wheel bolts and is suitable for tires with TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems).

One of the best parts about SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is that it is easy to use. All you have to do is spray on cool and dry wheels, allow the product to work for two to four minutes and watch as the product turns red, removing contaminants that lay in its path. Once the four minutes have past, quickly rinse the wheel off completely with a strong get of water or a high pressure cleaner. It is important that the product does not dry on the surface.


  • Shake the bottle, turn the pump sprayer nozzle to the spray position.
  • From a short distance, generously and evenly spray cooled and dry wheel rim.
  • Allow to work for 2-4 minutes.
  • The color quickly turns red and unleashes its full cleaning power.
  • Remove deep dirt contamination with a brush.
  • Rinse the cleaner completely off with a strong jet of water or high pressure cleaner.
  • Do not allow to dry.

1 Liter.

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