Spartan Graphene SiO2 Water-Based Carbon Atoms Sealant

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Symplex® Spartan Graphene Sio2 Water-Based Carbon Atoms Super Hydrophobic Sealant Detailer

Spartan Graphene SiO2 is a revolutionary product that contains a blend of Graphene, Silica Dioxide, and the latest Polymers to create a long-lasting water beading surface protection.

An extremely easy-to-use formula that within minutes will impart a super slick hydrophobic shield layer that shines like wax and protects your paint. Ideal to be used as maintenance for any Ceramic or Graphene coating. Can be used on all exterior surfaces, glass, plastic, and trims. Contains the latest Graphene & SiO2 Technology.

Spartan Graphene will obtain full cure and protection in 24H.

Key Features:

  • The Graphene enhances the protection, color depth, gloss, and shine of the paint
  • Super-Slick & Hydrophobic
  • Clean, Shine & Protect for up to a year!
  • Quick & easy to apply and use – Spray-On/Wipe-Off
  • Spartan Graphene uses Carbo Atoms and Silica Dioxide to provide a rock-hard layer of protection to your coated and uncoated surfaces in minutes
  • Safe on all painted surfaces, glass, headlights, soft tops, chrome, trim, wheels, and plastic trims.
  • Perfect to be used for maintenance or to top off with any Graphene or Ceramic coating treatment. 

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