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3D Super Citrus APC is the same formula as our 3D Orange Degreaser except we’ve removed all the water!  The formula retains a uniform composition throughout the entire matrix of solution

AND – this uniform homogeneous solution re-mixes easily and uniformly with water to create the correctly diluted finished product. 

The break-through in chemistry is not just removing the water – heck any chemist worth his weight in salt can do this – the hard part is keeping the various ingredients suspended in a uniform solution over time AND then being able to be re-mixed with water to re-create the original product also in a uniform stable solution.

With this proprietary process 3D is able to remove the water and thus reduce the shipping costs of the Nano products while also reducing the container size and thus our ecological footprint.  And all our plastic containers are recyclable.

The cleaning power and safety of citrus oils!

3D Super Citrus APC uses Limonene Oils, which are a group of chemical compounds known as terpenes.  These compounds are extracted from the peels of oranges, limes, grapefruits, and other citrus fruits.  After extraction, Limonen Terpene Oils are often referred to as d-limonene, which is its chemical form after processing.  These natural oils excel at dissolving and emulsifying anything non-water-soluble contaminants like oily films, traffic film, grease, grime, and sludge as well as other auto-related contaminants like bug splatter, tree sap, road tar, dirt-build-up, etc.

This water-based organic degreaser has a slow to medium evaporation rate providing excellent working time unlike petroleum based solvent degreasers, which tend to evaporate faster.

The natural orange oils provide a low surface tension on the surface being cleaned providing superior wetting of the surface soils and contaminants enabling this formula to work faster and more effectively. 

Harsh solvents tend to dry out your skin and crack your fingernails.  3D Orange Degreaser with its natural citrus oils for cleaning power is much safe for people and more gentle on your hands and skin.

While the citrus oils provide powerful cleaning to dissolve oily, greasy contamination, the water-based aspect means it also work great for cleaning water soluble soiling like normal dirt, mud, and traffic film.  This water-based, citrus oil cleaner and degreaser makes it a super, all-purpose-cleaner.

Super General-Purpose Cleaner.  3D Orange Degreaser can be used to clean and remove, adhesives - blood - car oils and grease, crayon markings, ink from magic markers, lipstick, and other cosmetic stains, chewing gum, sticker, emblem, trim and molding adhesive, oily soap scum and much, much more! 

3D Orange Degreaser is VOC compliant, Green and Biodegradable as well as Prop 65 compliant. 

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it?

Spray-on water-based citrus oil cleaner and degreaser.

What does it do?

Removes oily contamination by dissolving and emulsifying the soil and contamination so that it can be easily wiped or rinsed off.

When do you use it?

Anytime you have stubborn greasy, oily grimy soiled surfaces you need to clean. 

Why use 3D Orange Degreaser over other options?

There are a lot of citrus based degreasers on the market.  What separates our citrus degreaser from all the rest is the unique water-based formula we created that enables the citrus oils to go to work quickly in a full-strength solution but at the same time, because of the water-base or water-soluble base, our degreaser wipes off easily and clean or rinses off easily and clean. 

The chemistry magic is in how we process the citrus oils or Limonen Terpene Oils to remain in emulsion in our purified water base plus the other advanced chemistry used to make this organic citrus degreaser the best in performance in this category.

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