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Symplex® Ultra Polish UP3 cleaner and wax polish 


Professional “One Step Wax Polish” Formula. True scratch and defect removal with durable protection. Ultra-Polish UP3 is the best way to get glossy, smooth protected paint with just one product. It contains the latest technology abrasives, polymers, and waxes to remove light swirls, water spots, and other mild imperfections leaving a layer of glossy, slick long-lasting protection.                                                                                

 Key Features:

  • Formulated with super-micro abrasive technology.
  • Waxes and Polymers blend will create a layer of protection and deep shine.
  • Perfect for black and dark colors.
  • Zero dust and splatting.
  • Can be used with high-speed rotary or DA machines.
  • No white residue on black trim.