11043 Eppco Lion Grip Glove Black Nitrile 7mm medium

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WIZARDS Turbo Cut is an aggressive compound designed for machine or hand application. It is recommended for removing 1200 grit or finer sand scratches (or similar sized finish imperfections) from new or aged paint finishes - factory, custom foreign or domestic. Turbo Cut buffing compound will quickly and easily remove 1200 and finer grit sand scratches from fresh or aged finishes. This unique formula features an exclusive time release abrasive which starts out aggressively and, as you work, becomes less aggressive quickly creating a smoother finish. Turbo Cut is fast acting to restore dead paint, fiberglass and marine gelcoat, while remaining user friendly. The compound provides an incredible gloss without the headaches of excess dust, slinging, sticking, staining or gummed up and blocked pads. It levels to a smooth 4000 grit, non-oily, non-greasy finish. Turbo Cut will clean up fast and easy by wiping with a towel or rinsing with water. Not recommended for Orbital DA polishers.

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