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Meguiar's Ultimate Snow Foam Engineered specifically for coated, waxed or sealed finishes, Meguiar's Ultimate Snow Foam cleans without stripping protection. The intense foam clings and clings, gently loosening road grime on lightly soiled cars to allow for a touchless pressure rinse, yet also lubricates the surface on dirtier vehicles for when a wash mitt is required. DIRECTIONS: The car should be cool to the touch and in the shade. 1. Gently mix 1 part of Meguiar's Ultimate Snow Foam to 5 parts water in your foam cannon bottle 2. Completely pre-rinse your vehicle with clean water to remove loose dirt, grime and soiling. 3. Starting at the bottom, apply Ultimate Snow Foam to the entire vehicle and allow it to dwell until the foam just begins to break. Do not allow the product to dry or freeze on the surface. 4. For lightly dirty vehicles, simply follow with a pressure rinse. Dirtier vehicles may require use of a Meguiar's wash mitt, followed by a pressure rinse. 5. Dry the vehicle using a quality drying towel like our Meguiar's Supreme Drying Towel to avoid water spots and apply your favourite Meguiar's spray wax for added protection. PRO TIP: If Meguiar's Ultimate Snow Foam doesn’t cling, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to wax, seal or coat your car’s finish!

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